Synergy Jeep JK Weld-On Rear Track Bar Bracket – 8072-01

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  • Synergy JK Weld-On Rear Track-Bar Bracket
  • Weld-On rear track-bar bracket designed to replace the weak factory JK track bar bracket
  • Replace the thin factory brackets on a stock axle or use for swapping any axle into a JK
  • Multiple Track-bar holes for suspension adjustments
  • Designed to fit stock JK axle tubes, 3.150″ diameter
  • Will fit other diameter axle tubes with minor trimming
  • Track bar relocation bolt holes are 2.900″, 3.713″, and 4.525″ above the stock track bar mounting location.

Note: Requires the use of a minimum 3″ bump stop spacer

Note: This bracket requires the use of a minimum 3″ rear bump stop spacer for clearance with the exhaust. When using a lower relocation bolt hole or aftermarket exhaust, a shorter bump stop spacer may be used

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 6 in


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