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AEV’s DualSport Suspension Systems have taken off-road suspension engineering to the next level. At AEV, suspension development is about more than just adding lift height, articulation, or flashy-looking components. It’s about bringing OE-level suspension engineering to the aftermarket to create a true do-anything “dualsport” suspension – one that is both extremely capable off-road, while offering unparalleled on-road performance and handling.

To achieve this, AEV relied on factory engineering methodology. We started with the JK’s control-arms, track-arms and steering. The geometry of each component was optimized to accommodate the new lifted posture of the JK. It may surprise people to learn that proper geometry is where AEV’s Dualsport Suspensions get much of their tremendous cornering and braking characteristics. The fact is, when the geometry is right, the springs and shocks don’t have to compensate for poor performance in these areas.

Once the geometry was correct, we turned our attention to the springs, again relying on OE methods, which in the case of springs means frequency tuning.  Frequency-tuned coil springs share harmonious oscillation characteristics that allow them to work as a matched set, front and rear.  The benefit is that they help to keep the JK balanced and in contact with the road, even when driven at high speed over rough surfaces.

After the springs were tuned, the next step is shock tuning. Rather than use an off-the-shelf shock tune, we partner with the engineers at Bilstein to develop a proprietary tune matched to our unique suspension. Together we spent days at a proving grounds facility testing numerous valving combinations in an array of simulated driving conditions. Thanks to the previous optimization of AEV’s geometry and coil springs, it allows us to tune the shocks with a focus on damping suspension movement – rather than on trying to mask unwanted handling problems resulting from poor geometry or spring tuning.

Overall, no matter which Dualsport Suspension System you choose, no matter where you drive it or how you load it, you can count on your Dualsport-equipped JK to remain comfortable, balanced and ready to explore.

Key Features:

  • Expedition-Ready / Daily-Driven Practical. More so than any of its predecessors, the JK Wrangler is not just a trail-mastering off-road specialist, it’s a truly “street able” on-road transport too. The AEV DualSport enhances the JK to raise its performance in both arenas.
  • Tuned Vehicle Dynamics. The DualSport system has been thoroughly tuned for impeccable behavior in every situation you might put it in – and especially the ones you didn’t intend to.
  • Complete. AEV DualSport JK systems are truly stand-alone packages that include everything needed to elevate your JK properly, including shocks.


Please note: The AEV/Bilstein 5100 series shock absorbers included in this kit feature a Bilstein Triple C zinc plated finish. This finish must be serviced regularly in order to maintain its luster. Particularly in moist climates, a protective coating, such as wax or lubricating oil should be applied to prevent tarnishing. The finish is not covered under warranty.

Actual lift height may vary depending on vehicle weight.

Tech Specs

Application: 2007+ JK Wrangler

Made In: United States

Recommended Tire Size:
• 3.5″ suspension lift can work with up to 35″ tires
• 4.5″ suspension lift can work with up to 37″ tires

The DualSport SC Suspension Kit builds on the DualSport ST Kit with the addition of AEV’s High Steering Kit, ProCal Module and Jack Base. Our High Steering Kit improves steering response while the ProCal Module allows invaluable recalibration capability for larger tires, gearing and more.

Kit Contents:

• Frequency-tuned, progressive rate springs     • Bilstein 5100 shocks
• Bump-stop spacers     • Rear stabilizer end links
• Rear track-bar tower     • Custom bent OE rear track bar
• Brake line drop brackets     • Geometry Correction Front Control Arm Brackets
• AEV High Steer Kit     • Heavy-duty steering damper
• ProCal Module     • Jack Base


2012+ Exhaust Clearance: Installation on a 2012+ JK requires a minor exhaust system modification to clear the driveshaft, which can be done at your local exhaust shop.
• 2007-2011 Driveshaft: For installation on a 2007-2011 automatic trans JK we recommend a narrower drive shaft
Diesel Compatibility: To install on a 2011+ Diesel JK with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), you will also need AEV’s custom DPF tube.


Difficulty Level: High

Estimated Install Time: 10-12 hours

Required Tools:
Common Standard and Metric Hand Tools
3/8″ Drill Bit

Click Here to download our 3.5″/4.5″ DualSport Suspension System install sheet (PDF)

Click Here to download the Geometry Correction Front Control Arm Drop Bracket install sheet (PDF)


There are a lot of suspensions available, what sets yours apart from all the others?

The contents of your 3.5-inch and 4.5” DualSport Suspension Systems are very different from the other kits I’ve looked at – why?

What is “Frequency Tuning” and what are its benefits?

The shocks that come with the systems look like ordinary Bilstein 5100’s, are they?

Does the great handling AEV’s DualSport Suspension Systems provide mean that you have stiff springs that don’t flex well?

I do a lot of backcountry adventuring that sees my JK heavily loaded, but I also daily-drive it. Will your suspension sag when loaded or beat me up when empty?

The Premium systems add the High Steer Kit – what does the High Steer Kit do?

Can the AEV High Steer Kit be installed with another company’s suspension? Will I get the same improvement to steering and handling?

Your rear track bar tower is taller than all the others I’ve seen and even comes with a new track bar – why?

Why doesn’t AEV offer a long-arm system for the JK?

Why don’t you supply new/adjustable track bars in with your DualSport Suspension Systems?

Why do you use brake hose drop brackets instead of longer braided stainless hoses?

Do I need to change my drive shafts to use your kit?

What parts are different between a 3.5” and 4.5” DualSport Suspension Systems? Can I upgrade easily?

What size tires can I run with each kit (3.5” and 4.5”)?

Can I use a drop pitman arm with your DualSport Suspension System for better steering?

How will your DualSport Suspension Systems handle towing a trailer?

Why is AEV’s ProCal Module included with the DualSport SC and RS Suspension Systems?

What do the Dualsport Suspension System’s Drop Brackets do?

Can I use my stock wheels with AEV’s DualSport Suspension Systems?

Why would I choose AEV’s Remote Reservoir shocks over the non-Remote Reservoir units?

Do I need to make exhaust modifications to install AEV’s DualSport Suspension Systems?

What is the installation time?

Where are AEV’s DualSport Suspension Systems manufactured?


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